6 tips for choosing the perfect gift bottle this Xmas


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6 tips for choosing the perfect gift bottle this Xmas

Have you forgotten to buy any Christmas presents? Are you running out of time? We have the answer: WINE.

We don’t mean right now… we mean as a gift!

Everyone loves a great drop and Christmas is the perfect time the share some of our great Australian wines. To help you make a quick choice, follow our 6 handy tips below to save face during those last minute Christmas emergencies.


1. Play it safe with a classic white

Summer in Australia means it’s usually hot. While the other side of the planet sips mulled red wine in front of the fireplace, down under we sit in front of the air-con while our bottles of white chill on ice… so you can’t go wrong with a nice classic white when you’re bringing a gift. So what’s hot this summer? Word on the grapevine is that Sauvignon Blanc is still a favourite on everyone’s parched lips.

TRY: Flowstone Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2013
IDEAL FOR: Your BBQ host, your best girlfriends, white wine lovers.

2. …or a nice bottle of red

While white is nice, not everyone is a fan. If you know that your recipient prefers red, go for something rich, fruity and delicious that will pair well with traditional Christmas food. A Pinot Noir, Zinfandel or Shiraz is perfect for broad appeal.

TRY: Austins Wines – 6Ft6 Pinot Noir – 2013
IDEAL FOR: Fathers-in-law, uncles and red wine lovers.

3. Get crafty with something more boutique

Wine makers are starting to experiment with new wine making methods (such as clay fermenting jars) and techniques, which can add a unique flavour to the ordinary drop. If you’ve got someone special in mind that will appreciate something a little different, buy a bottle that’s a bit more crafty. Think limited edition, a bottle from a micro winery no one has heard of or something totally organic. You’ll look like quite the trendsetter!

TRY: Yangarra Estate – Small Pot Whole Bunch Shiraz – 2013
IDEAL FOR: Hipsters, cool kids, wine snobs.

4. Drop a pretty penny on something that will age well

If you’re buying for someone who knows their wines, your best bet is to fork out for the good stuff that will age well. Many wine enthusiasts tend to keep a collection in the cellar under the house, so impress them with something they’ll have to wait a few years to open and enjoy. Pick something from your local winery or ask at your local wine store for a recommendation.

TRY: Picardy – Pinot Noir – 2013
IDEAL FOR: The wine connoisseur, a VIP, your rich uncle.

5. If all else fails, dazzle with a sparkling wine

Nothing says ‘Let’s Celebrate’ like the pop of a cork! And as far as the bubbly stuff goes, there aren’t many people out there who don’t love a glass or two to mark the occasion. Champers is therefore a safe bet for almost anyone, and the ideal go-to bottle for when you realise you’ve left someone off your Xmas shopping list. We recommend you keep at least half a dozen stashed in the car for those Christmas emergencies.

TRY: Deviation Road Winery – Loftia Vintage Brut – 2012
IDEAL FOR: Your wild, young-at-heart aunty, everyone, emergencies.

6. Add a personal touch

No matter what bottle you choose, don’t forget to add a personal touch! Gift giving is all about being thoughtful, and taking the time to select the perfect gift for the recipient. You might not always get it right, but you can take the time to write a thoughtful hand written note to express your gratitude and appreciation for the person you are gifting the bottle to, or simply wish them well for the new year. The wine will be enjoyed, consumed and maybe forgotten, but your family, friend or colleague will always remember the heartfelt message you took the time to craft.

TRY: ‘Happy Holidays’ Bottle Gift Tag from Gorgeous by Maja
IDEAL FOR: Every gift bottle

Have a gorgeous Christmas!


Maja (and the Gorgeous by Maja team) xx


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